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WELATÊ MIN stands for my homeland In this case Kurdistan. With WELATÊ MIN we celebrate our Kurdish culture and origins and want to bring them closer to everyone.


WELATÊ MIN was founded in 2019 and is a kurdish start-up located in Germany. After searching for a long time for hoodies that I like and that I associate with Kurdistan, I had the idea to design some by myself.
WELATÊ MIN is an expression that often appears in many Kurdish songs and has a very nice meaning for me.
< It took a lot of heart and commitment into this project. Without my family and my friends, who have always supported me, this would never have come about.
We are happy about everyone who supports WELATÊ MIN.
no matter what origin.
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Her Kurd buyn û her Kurd ebîn


em hertim Kurd bûn û em ê hertim Kurd bimînin



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